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Rent to Buy - Property Management Agreement

We can enter into an agreement to totally manage all aspects of your property immediately, including the mortgage payments, this means you are free to move forward with your plans or objectives with the minimum of fuss & inconvenience.

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Rent to Buy - Option To Buy Your Property

At the same time we will sign a formal agreement with you to buy your property at a price & time which will make the deal feasible. We will work to make the agreement price as financially advantageous for you as possible.

We can produce the documentation in days and the whole process can be completed in a couple of weeks in normal circumstance, or more quickly if necessary.

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Rent to Buy - Negative Equity

Setting up a Rent to Buy arrangement with a professional company or a Tenant Buyer is particularly good for people who are currently in negative equity. Our definition of negative equity is when the mortgage on your property exceeds the open market value that you would achieve if you sold it today

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Buy to Let Landlords

If you bought some buy to let properties but it is getting too much for you and you want to escape from the liabilities and responsibilities, talk to us. We are experienced property people that are happy to take over all of your portfolio – very quickly!

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Property Requiring Work

If you have property which requires any level of repairs, rebuilding or refurbishment we are interested in taking it over. We will solve the problems with the property and take the responsibility from you.

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