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If your relationship is not working out and you have to get rid of your joint property quickly or one of you needs to move out and find another property, setting up a Rent to Buy agreement could be the answer to both potential problems.

If you are having difficulty finding a solution, because during divorce or separation it is a very stressful time for you, we at can take over the property and create a special agreement that can benefit you both can move on.

In the case of a divorce you can create a Rent to Buy agreement as soon as the property is vacant and while the divorce negotiations are ongoing, your legal representatives can ensure that both parties get their share of the eventual benefits coming out of the Rent to Buy option but the main benefit is that the property is productive at all times. Although the required is that both sides agree that I Rent to Buy option can be put in place and that the eventual benefits will be discussed later.

The times when their Rent to Buy agreement can be particularly helpful is when the divorce or separation is due to financial pressures which will normally mean that the property is in negative equity, there are mortgage arrears or there is no money to do works necessary to create a sale that the correct price.

In any of these situations you can find Tenant Buyer who’ll be prepared to deal with whatever problems exist at the property in return for the benefit of securing an option to purchase the property. Along with the option to purchase the property the Tenant Buyer will pay you a rental an additional amount which will be prepaying towards the eventual deposit required when they secure a mortgage at the date in the future that you have agreed the option will terminate.

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