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This page is where we will outline the ideas we have discussed with Rent to Buy Promoters to develop 'Best Practice' recommendations for the relationship between Tenant Buyers & Landlord Sellers. It also addresses the relationships created when there is a Rent to Buy Manager in between the Landlord Seller & the Tenant Buyer.

  • Everyone should be warned that the value of the property could go down as well as increase.
  • If payments towards an eventual purchase are non-refundable if the Tenant Buyer does not purchase the property within the Option Term - this should be made clear.
  • Tenant Buyers should be made aware that there may be a possibility that the Deposit Payments they make may need to be 'topped-up' at the point of buying the property (at the end of the Option Term) and that they should make arrangements to save any extra amount required during the Option Term or make extra payments to the Landlord Seller or Rent to Buy Manager.
  • The Landlord Seller & the Tenant Buyer should have separate qualified legal advice, preferably from solicitors that are experienced in advising on property options.
  • Financial assessments and advice should only be given by registered IFA's (Independent Financial Advisers).
  • Tenant Buyers should obtain a DIP (Decision In Principle) for a mortgage from time to time to ensure they will have the necessary facility when it is time to purchase the property, in the early years at least annually and at least 6 months before the end of the Option Term.

NB: These suggestions are for guidance only and they are being constantly updated so please check back from time to time or join our newsletter to receive updates by email.

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